The history of VMG has had many different episodes and this is a new approach for Vintage Motor Garage into the future. I want to get useable information out to those that are seeking help with their own restorations. I am well placed to assist owner restorers by carrying out actual work and by using technology to pass on information, encourage the lone restorer and document this journey in a modest attempt to keep motoring history alive.

Sometimes we just need to be pointed in the right direction … and then we’re away!

So by the time this goes live we will have been working on a new website and putting together a few videos for YouTube viewers. They are full of the atmosphere of the workshop. We are up to Episode Three of PICKING. A video that is going through various magnetos languishing in the VMG STORE. These are for sale or perhaps swap. Links to our channel are all over our website but here’s another one.

Episode One of HANDY HINTS – Steel is also on the channel. Two quick videos in a video about using correct materials. It shows the difference of machining mild steel and high tensile steel.

Working together makes everyones restoration better.

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