Max’s Mutterings – Ten

Sadly, this will be the last Max’s Mutterings. We intended putting it up in a few instalments, but have decided to publish it in its entirety. Dad passed away quietly in the early hours of Thursday morning 13th January, 2022, 50 years after he started Vintage Motor Garage. He was 87 and suffering from congestive… Read More

Anna’s Link

Thank you to Anna’s teacher who reached out to us via email overnight. We are happy to include the article Anna found in the course of her studies about the history of cars. It’s a great article and only takes a short time to read. It explains the difference between classic, antique and vintage very… Read More

Jonathan’s Gibberish

Bicycle Frame Geometry This is an interesting exercise in bicycle frame fit and why one size fits all frame geometry, doesn’t! The crimson and white frame is one I built for a customer in 1987 that I was given back a few years ago. Ishiwata 019 tubing. Suntour Superbe Pro equipped.The white and green frame… Read More

Jonathan’s Gibberish

Bicycle Days – Part Two That first frame ended up being crashed within a few months. I acquired it back from the guy and still have it hanging on my shed wall, albeit with a few fittings removed when I ran short later on. I had a partially successful batch of stickers printed by a… Read More

Jonathan’s Gibberish

Bicycle Days – Part One Adapted from a post originally on Jonathan Houston Classic Racing Facebook page. I started bicycle racing at 15 years of age in 1978 with the (NSW) Central Coast Youth Club Cycling Club, later to become the Central Coast Cycling Club. I remained in the club for my entire cycling career,… Read More