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In the Alvis Club I won 7 All Night Trials, competed in the Petit Prix de Tourisme at Marsden Park airstrip, won a Hill Climb at Old Razorback, competed in VMC Mountain Rallies and participated in Historic Racing at Amaroo Park in the 1970s.

Alvis Day by the Ferry at Lower Portland was almost mandatory, also a beaut 12/50 type road. My now four adult children still speak of the good times they had there. 

David Manson and I went to Melbourne once, I am not sure why, unless it was to get spares and manuals from the closing down Peter Manare Motors, who had been Alvis agents. I went to Melbourne again for the 1956 Olympic Games, while there I met some of the Victorian Alvis blokes and bought a 16/95 Silver Eagle saloon, Martin and King body. Rob Gunnel said it had a “pay as you enter” look. 

Gary Coxon and I went on a Men’s Fellowship visit to Temora in 1961 I think. Two ducksbacks and 4 people. On the way back Gary’s car ran a big end at Bathurst. Sump off, it revealed a broken centre main bearing cap, which had caused number two big end to be starved of oil. We set off for Carringbah in my car, now rather crowded. I have always liked the Bells Line of Road via Kurrajong. We made good speed to Lithgow and beyond. However, being baulked by a Ford Customline going up Mt Tomah, there seemed to be a need to overtake him. This required 3rd gear at about 55mph. I passed him okay but as I changed into top gear down the eastern side the mountain there was an almighty explosion under the bonnet and then deathly silence. So quiet by contrast to the sound of the 12/50 under full power in 3rd gear. I could hear the wind in the spokes of the wheels as we rolled to a stop. There was a very twisted up conrod hanging over the magneto which had been torn off its mounting and a large hole in the crankcase. Oil everywhere of course. DISASTER!

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