Jonathan’s Gibberish Electric Cars

There has been ever increasing talk in the media and by politicians, in Australia at least, about the future of motor vehicles. In particular about the phasing out of the internal combustion engine, with some manufacturers even stating they won’t be making any at all by 2025. I find this a quite laughable proposition –… Read More

Max’s Mutterings – Two

In 1969 we relocated to Central Mangrove with 2 trucks and in late 1972 established Vintage Motor Garage, with the intent of providing a repair and restoration service to Vintage and Classic Car owners. The first jobs were an ex-QANTAS Studebaker limo, a Brookland’s Riley and a burnt-out Vauxhall 23/60.  The first body we built… Read More

Max’s Mutterings – One

Introducing John Maxwell Houston, the first proprietor of Vintage Motor Garage. He will be sharing some of the eventful episodes of his earlier life, his work at Vintage Motor Garage and perhaps some motoring adventures over the years. Firstly, a little background – John Maxwell was born at Dulwich Hill, Sydney in 1934, the youngest… Read More